The Top Nutrients Kids Can Absorb In The Form Of Gummies

The Top Nutrients Kids Can Absorb In The Form Of Gummies

The Top Nutrients Kids Can Absorb In The Form Of Gummies

Gummy Vitamins - A nutrition hack that kids love and parents trust.

When you have your child’s best interest at heart, you leave no stone unturned to fulfill their developmental needs.

As notoriously picky eaters, children often don’t get the complete nutrition a growing body needs via the food groups they most avoid - fruits and vegetables.

Gummies are nutritional supplements meant for fun and fuss-free consumption. As a daily dose of vitamins, Gummies contain specific nutrients needed for a child’s healthy body and brain development. 

However, there are a few nutrients playing an indispensable role in a child’s diet.

Here are the top 3 nutrients that can help address children’s nutritional needs as Gummies:

  • Omega 3 Gummy Vitamins: Omega 3 is a vital nutrient for maintaining overall health and for continued brain development. Omega 3 gummies for kids  contain fatty acids essential for healthy brain function.
  • They’re considered as essential fatty acids as our bodies cannot produce them on its own. Hence, food becomes a major source of providing these acids to the body. 

    A lot of upcoming research suggests that Omega-3 fatty acids enhance brain function and mood in kids- particularly, memory, attentiveness, learning and brain development.

    Providing gummies rich in Omega-3 ensures your child’s daily needs are met that otherwise don’t suffice with their diet. Omega-3 gummies for kids might help boost and take care of their overall brain health.

  • Calcium Supplements:  How does a child get stronger? Where do they derive the bone strength which is so vital for their physical well being and development?

  • For kids with picky eating habits, avoiding or running away from milk can create a lack of Calcium - a major nutrient needed for healthy bone and teeth development. 

    Calcium is a key building block for long-term bone strength, muscle contraction, and releasing hormones.  

    Younger kids or babies benefit from calcium supplements as well as Vitamin D3 (which helps in calcium absorbtion).  As calcium supplements fill in for the lack of calcium via natural sources like milk, you can always consult a family doctor for the need to modify your child’s diet or consider giving them vitamin gummies.

    There are many reasons why kids might not easily consume dairy products - a natural source of Calcium. Some of these include a child having lactose intolerance, or strong milk allergy. 

    Milk and other dairy products are the most convenient sources of calcium one can find. 

    As kids can’t make up later for these essential nutrients, calcium supplements  play a critical role in developing children’s total bone density. 

  • Zinc Gummies:  Zinc is an essential nutrient that supports immune function in both children and adults.

  • Zinc is also known to help fight common cold, rashes or other illnesses children might fall victim to, as their immune system continues to develop from early childhood through adolescence. 

    Zinc gummies are also known to support the learning, focus and attention span of young kids thereby improving their overall cognitive function and abilities. Zinc, (along with Vitamin C) can be really vital for supporting kids’ immunity as well as a balanced systemic response. 

    Like many important micronutrients, Zinc is essential for neuron development and brain tissue growth.A lack of Zinc might contribute to changes in mood, behavior, attention span and activity in children. 

    Even though Zinc needs vary from infant stage to adolescence, it is always advisable to consult your family physician for the need of supplementation as per your child’s needs. 

    In an ideal world, kids would directly benefit from foods rich in Zinc. However, Gumazing gummies have Zinc gummies to address nutrition in a fun manner, without ever compromising on taste.