Gumazing Kids Calcium & Vitamin D3 Gummies (60 pcs)

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Why Calcium & Vitamin D3 gummies?

Calcium is vital to build and maintain strong bones and other body functions. Vitamin D helps the body in the absorption of Calcium.
Gumazing makes sure he always takes his Calcium + Vitamin D3 gummies and doesn’t miss out on a dose and guess what, because of this, he is already on his way to the kid’s hall of fame!
He was featured in the local paper for his heroic rescue of a dog stuck under a tree log. His bones are so strong that he was able to lift the log on his own. Not only that, he almost has his Karate Black Belt Level 1. He’s definitely the strongest gummy we know


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Nutritional Information

Servings  pre package : 60 gummies
Recommended  Serving Size
2 gummies per day for kids 1-3 years.
2-4 gummies  per day for kids  4 years and above
Average  weight per gummy : 2.2 g

Each gummies contains

Amount per gummy 2.2 g

Amount per 100 mg

Energy 7 kcal 304 kcal
  29 kj 1277 kj
Protein 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrate 2 g 87 g
Total Sugar 2 g 87 g
Salt 4 mg 174 mg
Calcium [as dibasic Calcium Phosphate] 100 mg 4348 mg
Vitamin D [as Cholecalciferol] 2.5 mcg 109 mcg

Compressible sugar, Corn Syrup, Sugar Pectin, Purified water, Acidity regulator (Citric acid), D-Malic acid, Black Carrot juice, Natural strawberry flavor (Strawberry Juice Concentrate), Natural Orange flavor (Orange Juice Concentrate), Annato extract, Calcium, Vitamin D.
Shape and color of gummies may vary.

From 1-3 years old: Take 2 gummies per day.

From 4 years and above: Take 2-4 gummies per day.

We’re on a mission to make nutrition fun, without adding any funny stuff.

No Artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.