How Gummy Vitamins Add A Fun Side To Your Child’s Nutritional Well-being

How Gummy Vitamins Add A Fun Side To Your Child’s Nutritional Well-being

How Gummy Vitamins Add A Fun Side To Your Child’s Nutritional Well-being

It is fairly common for young children to be picky or extremely fussy about their food intake. To not like or express discomfort by the texture, color, shape, and taste of certain foods is normal among young children.

This also poses a cause for concern when parents are trying to take care of young children’s nutritional needs. 

Healthy gummy vitamins or gummy bears, as they’re fondly called, are introduced to families as a way of ensuring kids don't miss out on important nutrients. 

At Gumazing, we understand and adapt the philosophy of nutrition with a fun side so that families can fully address their children’s nutritional needs.

Here are a few healthy gummy vitamins that help ensure children don’t miss out on key nutrients:

Omega-3 gummies

A nutrient that helps better cognitive function as well as enhances brain health, is essential.

As young kids might refuse direct food sources for Omega-3 like salmon, nuts, seeds, walnuts, etc, parents feel the need to look for other ways to fill that gap. 

Omega- 3 gummies are also known to improve symptoms of ADHD in some children, with consistent brain development and a gradual increase in focus-related tasks. 

Our Gumazing Omega-3 gummies for kids help improve your child’s overall health, especially brain development.

They aid in children’s continued progress in activities like reading skills, math, verbal skills and quizzes. 

Calcium and vitamin D gummies

Milk! The most common source of calcium kids often tend to run away from or be notoriously fussy about.

When kids turn away from food sources that provide a good dose of this vital nutrient, Calcium and vitamin d gummies help ensure they don't miss out on healthy bones and body growth. 

As 99% of the calcium nutrient is stored in our bones and teeth, it goes without saying that a proper level of Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth.

As it assists in the proper absorption of Calcium, vitamin D is also an important nutrient for young children.

Our Gumazing Calcium and vitamin D3 gummies provide just the right support for your child’s dental health, as well as helps increase their bone density.

Zinc gummies

Zinc gummies for kids = a proper functioning and healthy immune system. 

Zinc serves as an important nutrient for a growing child’s body and overall health, as it also helps heal or fight inflammation. Young children often fall prone to seasonal flu or infections, Zinc nutrient serves as an antioxidant for a stronger and proper cell maintenance. 

As a mineral pivotal to healthy immune function, healing of wounds, and the sense of smell/taste, children need Zinc to grow and develop.

However, when kids reject natural or food sources of this nutrient, parents can resort to zinc gummies to address that lack. 

This has two benefits: one being the prevention of zinc deficiency for proper growth and fun gummy bears that your kid won’t keep running away from.

Gumazing gummies are healthy gummy vitamins that kids can gradually come to love, as they’re made and consumed as “fun food”. One that speaks to your young one’s rich imagination and doesn’t make healthy look boring.