Why Gumazing?

Gumazing is all about raising the standards of early childhood nutrition. Children can be fussy eaters. So, their diets may not have all the essential nutrients for a complete physical development. Our thoughtful super-bear, Gumazing, wants a world full of well-adjusted little ones. Read more to find out what exactly is on his all-natural manifesto to help achieve that.

Gumazing’s complete Kid’s Gummies are formulated with essential vitamins as well as minerals which support healthy growth and development in children.

Why Gumazing!

Why Gummies?

In most cases, children rarely consume a balanced diet due to their dislike for vegetables and fruits- a primary source of nutrients. It therefore becomes essential that they obtain those nutrients from other sources. This leaves parents to seek nutritional supplements of all kinds. In our experience, children do not find the experience of swallowing tablets and supplements to be very pleasant either. In such a scenario, having a sweet and healthy treat to eat is more convenient. This is where Gumazing can help. He is not only the most caring and kind super-bear, he’s also the healthiest gummy bear we know! Why do we say this? He eats healthy food- green veggies and fruits included, he is active and playful and he never forgets his daily dose of Vitamin C, Multi-vitamin, Calcium + D3 and Omega 3 enriching nutrients

Did you know? How Health Supplements helps kids

Calcium is vital to build and maintain strong bones, teeth and other body functions. Vitamin D helps the body in the absorption of Calcium. Gumazing is already aware of the goodness of gummies that make it possible for him to chomp through sugarcanes like it’s a piece of cake. He’s also currently training to karate chop a coconut in half!

Vitamin C is essential for the growth and repair of tissues in your body and is vital for the body’s healing process. It's also helping Gumazing reach the hall of fame making him a champ at ice-hockey and the school gymnastics team.

Vitamins are the main building blocks of the body and help you maintain good health, so don’t forget to take those multi-vitamins. They make Gumazing so healthy that he hasn't missed a day at school.

Omega 3 is so important for maintaining your child’s overall health, especially for their brain development. Gumazing loves his daily dose of Omega 3 gummies and guess what, because of this, he is already on his way to the kid’s hall of fame! He has been championed as the youngest World Spelling Bee.