Enfants Omega 3 Gummies (60 pcs)

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Dive into Health: Omega 3 Gummies for Happy Little Minds and Strong Bodies

Boost Brain Function with Omega 3 Gummies

These gluten and wheat-free Omega 3 supplements help boost brain function in toddlers.

Why Choose Omega 3 Gummies for Kids?

For maintaining optimal health, your little one mustn’t miss out on his daily dose of nutrients. Omega 3 gummies help enhance cognitive function and contribute to healthy nervous system development, memory, speech, and learning skills.

Irresistible Omega 3 Gummies for Kids Packed with Essential Fatty Acids

The fatty acids present in fish oil might not be able to make it to your child’s daily diet, but Omega 3 gummies for kids address that lack with a too-cute-to-resist gummy bear!

Omega 3 Gummies for Kids

Kids love them, parents trust them- Say hello to the yummiest and funniest Omega 3 gummies! Gumazing loves his daily dose of nutrients and vitamins, especially his Omega 3 gummies. And guess what, because of this, he is already on his way to the kid’s hall of fame! He has been championed as the youngest World Spelling Bee, he’s never missed a day of school, he can recite the alphabets backwards and he is currently a finalist in the Young Wizards Sudoku Tournament

We also deliver nutritious gummies for kids in South Korea, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia.

Nutritional Information

Servings  per package : 60 gummies
Recommended Serving Size
2 gummies per day for kids 1-3 years.
2-4 gummies  per day for kids  4 years and above
Average  weight per gummy : 2.2 g

Each gummies contains

Amount per gummy 2.2 g

Amount per 100 mg

Energy 10 kcal 455 kcal
  42 kj 1911 kj
Protein 0 g 0 g
Total fat 0.08 g 3.64 g
Saturated Fat 0.08 g 3.64 g
Carbohydrates 2.0 g 91 g
Total Sugar 1.27 g 57 g
Salt 3 mg 136 mg
Fish oil 100 mg 4545.45 mg
Total Omega3 Fatty Acids 30 mg 1.36 g
Omega3 DHA (Eicosapentaenoic acids) 20 mg 0.91 g
Omega3 EPA 10 mg 0.45 mg

Huile de poisson, Sucre compressible, Sirop de maïs, Pectine de sucre, Eau purifiée, Régulateur d'acidité (Acide citrique), Acide D-malique, Cire de carnauba, Huile végétale, Arômes naturels Pomme verte (Jus de pomme verte), Arôme naturel de citron (Concentré de jus de citron ), arôme naturel d'orange (concentré de jus d'orange), extrait de rocou
La forme et la couleur des gommes peuvent varier.

De 1 à 3 ans : Prendre 2 gommes par jour.

A partir de 4 ans et plus : Prendre 2 à 4 gommes par jour.

We’re on a mission to make nutrition fun, without adding any funny stuff.

No Artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.