Why Omega 3 Gummies Are A Nutritional Win-Win For Both Parents And Children

Why Omega 3 Gummies Are A Nutritional Win-Win For Both Parents And Children

Why Omega 3 Gummies Are A Nutritional Win-Win For Both Parents And Children

Parents often find themselves worrying about children’s nutritional wellbeing. This is brought about by fussy eating patterns most common among adolescents or young toddlers, which can prove to be challenging. 

The fatty acids in Omega 3 gummies are crucial for a child’s healthy development. With oily fish being the primary food source, many young kids might not consume it as part of their daily diet.

As a result, Omega 3 gummies for kids address the lack of specific nutrients essential for brain health and overall development. 

Here are a few nutritional benefits of omega 3 gummy vitamins:

  • Improved cognitive function

    Even though cognitive performance is important throughout each stage in life, it is critical for brain development to be optimized during childhood.

    Omega 3 fatty acids are one of the primary molecules regulating cognitive health and abilities.

    Omega 3s support the right kind of cognitive function - one that shows a relative increase in learning skills, vocabulary, mental stimulation, and better school performance among children. 

    The consumption of omega 3 gummies has also been shown to help children score higher in reading tests, as well as in math and other academic subjects.

    • May help improve sleep quality

      A well slept child is every parent’s dream! 

      The supplementation of Omega 3 for kids might help reduce usual night-time disturbances. 

      Poor sleep quality is commonly associated with lower DHA levels, a clinically recommended dosage of omega 3 gummies has shown to improve those levels for sufficient sleep among young children. 

      Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder. Standard treatment with stimulants can have severe side effects and intolerance and so the demand for alternative treatments is high. Research has shown that lower levels of omega-3 are found in ADHD patients’ blood when compared to those without ADHD. (REPURPOSE?) 

      • Helps strengthen development coordination

        Recent studies have shown a correlation between omega 3 supplements and improved learning abilities in children with developmental coordination disorders.

        Reading, spelling, and other ADHD related symptoms were shown to have improved with the intake of omega 3 dietary supplements. The cell membrane function that regulated hand and eye coordination/movement, was shown to have a strong link with omega 3 gummies intake.

        As major food sources of this nutrient like fish, nuts, and seeds were often missing from children’s diet, many parents wisely choose to add a daily fish oil supplement, or omega 3 gummy to ensure optimal daily dosage. 

        • Helps build immunity

          Developing children are usually more prone to seasonal allergies, asthma, or colds. Children who don't directly consume fish oil or dietary sources, may benefit from omega 3 gummies. 

          Another study associated with the intake of omega 3 supplements in kids showed steady improvements of breathing difficulty problems related to conditions like Asthma. 

          Omega 3 gummies help support healthy immune function for kids who don’t otherwise like to eat it, as parents try to incorporate a creative alternative in the form of omega 3 gummies for kids. 

          Omega 3 prevents inflammation in children’s bodies by helping establish healthy cell membranes. As a result, kids with a good diet of omega 3 gummies tend to fall less sick in harsh winter months. 

          • Let’s parents get creative 

            For the sake of their children’s health and adequate nutrient intake, parents will try every possibility to ensure their kids don't miss out on essential omega 3s.

            This can be done by coming up with recipes to make the nutrient sources more appeasing, diverse, or yummy. A years old technique also involves kids being playfully asked to “close their eyes and open their mouths” so as to avoid a big fussy tantrum.

            And then there’s a brand that actually caters to childlike imagination: Gumazing gummies.

            Once children see the colorful, fruity-flavored gummy bears instead of nutrient pills or supplements, they’re not so taken aback by the idea of consuming them.

            Gumazing let’s parents satisfy childlike wonder while also taking care of their omega-3 deficiency.