Gumazing Propolis Pro Syrup for Kids


No More Winter Bugs With Our Propolis Pro Syrup: Honey-Lemon Flavor!

Seasonal flu and cold defense: Fights off winter bugs to keep your child healthy during colder months.
Prevents and cures viral illness: Acts as a preventative measure against viral illnesses and aids in their treatment.
Clear nose and soothed throat: Helps maintain clear nasal pathways and soothes the throat for comfort.
Immunity booster: Strengthens immune function to better protect against infections/illnesses.
Honey-Lemon flavor: For that extra kick of immunity! Delicious taste makes it enjoyable for kids to take, ensuring compliance.
Allergen-free: Formulated for worry-free use in children with allergies, ensuring parents’ peace of mind

Art: Syrup

We’re on a mission to make nutrition fun, without adding any funny stuff.

No Artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.