Gumazing RestEasy Syrup for Kids

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Make Way For Restful Nights With Our RestEasy Syrup for Kids (Blackcurrant Flavor)!

Nervous system support: Promotes a sense of calm by putting their nervous system at ease.
Anxiety relief: Helps relieve anxious and tense feelings to promote a more relaxed state of mind.
Calming and soothing: Helps your child relax and unwind after a long day.
Delightful flavor: Fruity blackcurrant flavor makes it enjoyable for kids to taste.
Allergen-free formula: Pure and safe consumption for children with allergies.
Restful sleep cycle: Promotes better sleep by calming the mind and body for a good night's sleep.

Art: Syrup

We’re on a mission to make nutrition fun, without adding any funny stuff.

No Artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.